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I lost these sunglasses that night :(

LCD Soundsystem

This is what we woke up to the next morning

.. it was his fault, maybe.

Devon bomb.

Yuck. And awesome.

So... how optimistic was I thinking I could blog while backpacking? You'll find the answer hidden in the riddle of how many months its been since my last blog post. I think since May. Anybody out there still?

Um... so a quick catch up

  • I bleached my hair in a London Hostel bathroom while drunk and it turned a patchy orange. I had to get it fixed for 100 pounds, but they did a stand up job so I was stoked.
  • The rest of my 3 month European Adventure was the most amazing 3 months of my life and because of it, I've decided to learn German and hopefully Spanish eventually (starting at Sydney Uni next year), moving to Berlin in about 2014 and doing whatever there.
  • I will start blogging again despite being almost positive its evil. Together we'll work towards this not being a generic, boring, self indulgent lump of crap. I have stacks of photatoes to share so thats something.

I digress shortly to my Splendour pics, which I flew off to the day after I got back from Europe. Smiley face.


  1. Aaah last week I must've read through your archives like a million times wondering when you'd be back! Sooo welcome back.

    LOVE the new hair too by the way.

  2. I am way stoked to have you back on the internet!!

  3. i still love your blog so don't you worry :P

  4. Welcome back!
    I'm glad to see a new post.
    I look forward to your European photos and stories, please do share the random stories!
    A blog is a blog, be as self-indulgent as you like!
    I come here to learn about another person.

  5. ahh lcd soundsystem was wonderful at pitchfork this summer.

  6. welcome back
    i'm looking forward to your european experiences and the non-generic blogs to come

  7. I really like your pictures I'm from France.
    I have a little question, where did you get your donut bangle, I have been looking everywhere to get one :(


  8. Hi there!

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  9. just stumbled across your ebay store when looking for american flag sweaters.. holy shit, yours is awesome.
    and your hair rules.
    naughty mess vintage

  10. i too stumbled across your amazing hair when watching your american flag jumper..Pink is perfect on you best decision you ever did make!! I've been pondering pink hair for too long now & you've inspired me to do your blog & yr cute dress up parties!

  11. FUN FUN FUN! I miss festival good times.
    Love your hair gorgeous girl.

    Cami @

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  13. omg! how amazing!
    i just bumped into your blog! love it!

    xoxo from rome

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  15. I love your blog, how gorgeous!
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