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Travels Begin

Our 3 month journey has begun! Our first stop was Abu Dhabi, originally due to the thought that it was a cool idea to make the most of a stopover in a different country by staying overnight. It was a very uncool idea. Abu Dhabi is a shit hole. We were so keen to have an authentic Arabic country experience but its all modern and under construction and we walked fruitlessly for kilometers looking for anything remotely interesting. At least it was exercise. We ended up spending most of the day in the westernised Abu Dhabi mall and in our room watching terrible movies.

The couple of interesting buildings that I photographed were obviously the slums, they had satellite cables coming from the roof into the windows of the apartments. It was really eye opening walking around in a muslim country too.

1 comment:

  1. yay, I can't wait to see your travel posts! I'll be going across the US/Qatar/South Africa/Malaysia/Singapore for 6 months starting in August, so it's interesting what you say about Abu Dhabi. I hope Qatar isn't more of the same - like you, I'm making the most of a stopover.