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I Have Moved


If ya got it, feel free to follow. I'll probs follow you back, I need friends :)

Sayonara blogger!

Yard Sale

I'm off to South America in a week so Josh and I are having a HUGE garage sale this Saturday 8/1 at 2 Alkaringa Rd, Gymea Bay Sydney.

I have 5 packed racks of vintage clothing to sell, probably literally a tonne. Guys and girls, prices start at $5, go up tp $60.

Starts at 10:30am, would LOVE to see you there :)


I lost these sunglasses that night :(

LCD Soundsystem

This is what we woke up to the next morning

.. it was his fault, maybe.

Devon bomb.

Yuck. And awesome.

So... how optimistic was I thinking I could blog while backpacking? You'll find the answer hidden in the riddle of how many months its been since my last blog post. I think since May. Anybody out there still?

Um... so a quick catch up

  • I bleached my hair in a London Hostel bathroom while drunk and it turned a patchy orange. I had to get it fixed for 100 pounds, but they did a stand up job so I was stoked.
  • The rest of my 3 month European Adventure was the most amazing 3 months of my life and because of it, I've decided to learn German and hopefully Spanish eventually (starting at Sydney Uni next year), moving to Berlin in about 2014 and doing whatever there.
  • I will start blogging again despite being almost positive its evil. Together we'll work towards this not being a generic, boring, self indulgent lump of crap. I have stacks of photatoes to share so thats something.

I digress shortly to my Splendour pics, which I flew off to the day after I got back from Europe. Smiley face.

London Town

I was so happy to see my first squirrel I teared up.

Hipster hobo who walked in the way of the photo.

A man walking his ferret. He also had a rat in his hood.

...Topshop shoe floor

Josh and I arrived in London last night. I was mega tired and unable to fight jet lag so I ended up falling asleep at 5pm. We decided to get all the Touristy stuff out of the way today so we saw Buckingham, Big Ben, Westminister Abbey and the Thames. We would've walked at least 10km, it was awesome. I'm hoping all this exercise, plus lack of money for food will mean I'll lose heaps of weight over here.

Speaking of slight torture and lack of money, we made our way to Topshop today. It was actually dizzying. I took a couple of photos but they don't even go close to conveying the sheer scope of the mammoth 5 storey store. I got lost and got a headache trying to cover everything. I could have easily spent $500 but i refrained, telling myself to be sensible and think of things like "food" and "shelter". I ended up getting a pair of sunglasses and a glittery pink liquid eyeliner. There was this incredible dress for 60 pounds which I will consider for a couple of days and go back if I'm still lusting over it.

How awesome are squirrels?

Travels Begin

Our 3 month journey has begun! Our first stop was Abu Dhabi, originally due to the thought that it was a cool idea to make the most of a stopover in a different country by staying overnight. It was a very uncool idea. Abu Dhabi is a shit hole. We were so keen to have an authentic Arabic country experience but its all modern and under construction and we walked fruitlessly for kilometers looking for anything remotely interesting. At least it was exercise. We ended up spending most of the day in the westernised Abu Dhabi mall and in our room watching terrible movies.

The couple of interesting buildings that I photographed were obviously the slums, they had satellite cables coming from the roof into the windows of the apartments. It was really eye opening walking around in a muslim country too.